Equine Naturopathy & Muscle Therapies

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ENMT - providing equine bodywork services in North-East Victoria and Southern NSW
(Albury and Riverina) and nutritional advice Australia-wide.

Partnering with you in a wholistic approach to health, wellbeing and performance
– enabling your horse to become the best it can be – 

Are you frustrated with the old patchwork approach? You’ve tried all sorts of products, supplements, treatments and the advice given by this person and the other, yet still not achieving what you desire with your horse? 
Perhaps it’s time to stop shopping around for that elusive quick-fix – take a step back and look at the bigger picture – consider your horse’s needs, from all of the angles!

Di Snow of Equine Naturopathy and Muscle Therapies can support you to do this with your horse through a range of integrated services, consultancy and products that encompass nutrition, pasture management, herbal medicines and advice and a range of bodywork modalities, including equine myofunctional therapy.

No ENMT service or product is intended to replace qualified veterinary care, but rather to work in a complementary manner to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

Competitive rates with on-site assessment and written summary of treatment and recommendations provided.