Equine Nutrition & Muscle Therapies

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ENMT - providing equine bodywork services in Southern NSW (Albury and Riverina) and North East Victoria and nutritional advice Australia-wide.

Professionally trained and qualified in:

  • equine nutrition and pasture management – applying the combination of nutritional science with the equine’s natural diet, including essential proteins, minerals and vitamins, to achieve the best possible health and functionality
  • a range of equine bodywork modalities – specifically helping to restore, maintain or promote the health of the equine muscular system through improved biomechanical functioning and range of movement, with less tension and improved flexibility – also bringing benefit to all other body systems through improved circulation and elimination of toxic waste.

Services and Products:

- Independent and customised Nutrition Plans and advice

- Equine Myofunctional Therapy (EMT) - the application of a range of massage techniques to the muscles and soft and connective tissues to promote or restore biomechanical functioning and range of movement – remedial, sports and therapeutic massage available

- Equus Muscle Management (EMM) / Horse Muscle Care (HMC) - a powerful series of corrections that enable the gentle release of muscle groups to increase performance and greatly reduce the chance of injury by allowing muscles to regain their flexibility, strength and range of motion - www.horsemusclecare.com 

- Myofascial Release - encourages the release of fibrotic muscle fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles) to reduce tension, tissue congestion, muscle pain and dysfunction to promote normal range of movement, muscle tone and function.

- Cranio Sacral Technique - gently adjusts the pressure of cerebrospinal fluid (fluid surrounding the brain, spinal cord and central nerrvous system) to encourage the release of negative effects within the body (often caused by stress or trauma), which, in turn enhances the functioning of various organs and body systems. 

- Herbal and Dietary Supplements

- Hoof Care and First Aid Products

- Gift Vouchers available

Professional Membership - Small Animal and Equine Naturopathic Association (SAENA) - www.saena.com.au

Contact Equine Nutrition & Muscle Therapies (ENMT):

M: 0428 954 263

E: equinenmt@gmail.com

W: www.equinenmt.com.au 

ABN: 86 675 757 103